Grindcore - Crust - Punk - Hardcore Label

samedi 9 janvier 2016

MESRINE / G.O.D. Split 7" and G.O.D. "Body Horror" 12" OUT NOW!!

A 31 minute grindcore roller coaster of gore and noise… With so many riffs, so many beats and just about every vocal style known all jam packed into one release! A backlog of numerous release including split EPs & cassettes, finally GOD slap you in the face with their first killer full length CD (Body Horror). Expect nothing but raw, fast old school grind with a blend of gore/punk as if the 90’s have been revived. Covering grindcore classics such as... Repulsion, Carnage & CSSO.
       22 solid tunes with no time to slow down… These three crazy Canadians will leave you terrorised! “A Complete Headfuk.” For fans of Warsore, Dahmer, early Napalm Death, early Dead Infection, early Carcass etc…. You get the drift! Artwork by Pierre Braindead.
       Limited to 500 copies 12 inch black vinyl with bonus A2 size poster, released by EveryDayHate in colaboration with: Addiction To War Records , Grindfather Productions, Haunted Hotel Records, Septic Aroma Of Reeking Stench.


Canadian old school filthy grindcore assault! Limited to 1000 copies on red wax.
Released in DIY collaboration by:
EveryDayHate, Addicton To War Records, Grindfather Productions, ZAS Autoproduzioni, Nihilistic Despair Records, Schizosound Records, Crit De Fastic Records, Canchis Canchis Recods, Acid Redux Productions.

mercredi 11 mars 2015


Death Metal in the Bolt Thrower vein from Poland  vs Crust Metal from U.S.A, Connecticut. 2 versions: limited hand-numbered edition - Prophecy Of Doom worship artwork; and standard version. green vinyl housed in black ineersleeve, 2-sides fold-out artwork. Standard edition graphics done by Eric Coffin!

vendredi 23 janvier 2015

G.O.D. (Grotesque Organ Defilement) / VIOLENT RESTITUTION split 7" OUT NOW!!

Old school crusty punk grindcore blasters from Canada! Co-production with Mercy Of Slumber, Tacocalypse Records, Grindfather Productions & Third Eye Grind. Limited to 500 copies. Cover by Pierre from Braindead Zine!

samedi 13 septembre 2014

ARCHAGATHUS / PAUCITIES Split 7" out now!!

 Mincore from Canada / Mincecore from Chicago
Limited to 400 copies
In cooperation with Witchbukkake records and Grindfather Productions.

mercredi 27 août 2014

G.O.D. "Destroy Your Life For Capitalism" full 7inch out now!!

"Destroy Your Life For Capitalism" - 7"
 Pure old school Grindcore from Canada! Limited to 500 copies ingreen vinyls! 
In cooperation with Everydayhate Records, Septic Aroma Of Reeking Stench, Grindfather Productions and Cataleptic Remains. 

samedi 5 juillet 2014

ASS TO MOUTH "Degenerate" LP out now!!!

ASS TO MOUTH "Degenerate" - LP

The long-awaited second full length from Wroclaw, Poland’s maniacal grindcore tacticians ASS TO MOUTH. “Degenerate” is the band’s first release to feature new vocalist Kuba, formerly of other volatile grind acts SELFHATE, PARRICIDE and TOXIC BONKERS. Mixed and mastered at Hellsound/Soundscope Studio in Wrocław!!! Released as a co-operation between GRINDPROMOTION RECORDS, Fat Ass Records, Grindfather Productions, & Addiction To War Records! Limited to 500 copies (400 Black & 100 Orange Haze)

mardi 8 avril 2014

TEETHGRINDER "Hellbound" 7" out now!

TEETHGRINDER "Hellbound" - 7"ep.

Splatter vinyl limited to 500 copie in cooperation with EVERYDAY HATE, CRASHLANDING and FILTHY RAT records.

From the ashes of DrDoom and Greyline, Teethgrinder has arisen. Hailing from the northern part of the Netherlands they have the intention to create music louder, more aggressive and even nastier than they did before. Influenced by a variety of genres, they are giving Grindcore a new approach, with no boundaries to hold them back. Inspired by all the horror this world offers and the rage it evokes within them, they are sure to crush stages and skulls.